Sunday 4/12 8pm Jezus: El Teror!


Sunday 4/12 A film by Ian Phillips Enggasser JEZUZ-EL-TEROR

If you miss this one … well you just might have to spend the rest of your life preparing for eternal DAMNATION IN THE PITS OF HELL.

Come down to New Nothing for an evening of faith and the absurd through moving pictures……..Hailed by Pope John Paul II as “a cinematic masterpiece” the rarely screened local made cult classic. JEZUS: EL TEROR! Agents of Satan Beware! The son of God returns to preach the virtues of acceptance, but instead finds himself “Patriot Acted” and behind bars in Guantanamo Bay. The only way out is through Vengeance! Satire! Camp Comedy! Bad Takes! Bible Jokes! Cock Humor! Laser Fights! Jezus and God! starring- Jason Downs and Stephen Pawley Also short works Doug Katelus, RandyLee Sutherland and the premiere of Ian Phillips Enggasser’s new film. And a special treat a peak at what the end of the world will look like… and when it will happen!!!!! BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WINE AND BREAD provided, bring beer or anything else you might need for this unholy event!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FREE Sunday 4/12 8pm

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TRIBUTE TO: JIHAD JERRY/DEVO RE: RE/Search Counter Culture Hour screened Thur 2-26-09, 730pm, @ NEW NOTHING CINEMA 16 Sherman St (off Folsom, near 7th-6th St)

FEATURE: Video of RE/SearchCounter Culture Hour episode featuring Jihad Jerry (DEVO founder-bassist-songwriter-filmmaker Gerald V. Casale), directed by Marian Wallace. Also to be shown: rare DEVO video footage from 70s. V. Vale will play piano before & after screening.

Screening is at New Nothing Cinema

RE/Search books will be for sale/autographing. RE/Search Publications 20 Romolo Place #B San Francisco, CA 94133 (415) 362-1465

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Bruce Conner show 2/19/09

New Nothing Cinema Thursday Feb 19th 8pm Celebrate the Life and Films of Bruce Conner we will be screening, Valse Triste A Movie Cosmic Ray the White Rose Crossroads more tba and other surprises…..

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Thursday Jan 8, 2008

New Nothing Cinema

Michael Mantra and Vanessa O’Neill


For our first meeting of 2009, we’ll see the works of two of our members, Michael Mantra and Vanessa O’Neill. Their works are generally meditative and abstract visuals, computer-based and film-based, combined with ambient music.
Michael Mantra is a multimedia artist. He works in photography, music, video and he occasionally performs live. His work is based in principles of Nada and Swara yoga, Tai Chi Chuan and neurology. He has had music albums released on Silent Records, Hypnos, Silentes, Halcyon, Tranquil Technology Music, Purple Soil, Shining Pacific Music, Charnel House and Amplexus and others. The work presented will be a selection from longer videos to show a range of work Michael has worked with in the last 6 years. The work was created with Adobe Photoshop and Appleā€™s Final Cut Pro.
Vanessa O’Neill is an artist working in film, painting and photography. Originally from Brooklyn, New York she is currently residing in San Francisco, CA, where she received her MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute. We’ll be showing four of her films – Suspension, Sanctuary, burren, and August – some have sound and some are silent.
Depending on how much time we have, we may show other Visual Music works as well.


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Thursday November 6th


Thursday November 6th



Wiggwaum and Tim Thompson will inaugurate a new location for the visual music meetup – New Nothing Cinema in San Francisco.
Tim Thompson is a programmer and artist who creates visual and musical works for installations and performances. He has performed and shown installations at Burning Man, Villa Montalvo, Zero One Festival, Climate Theater, Maker Faire, and Yuri’s Night. For this solo performance, Tim will be generating music and visuals simultaneously using a custom controller and software. His web site is

Wiggwaum consists of two filmmakers, Douglas Katelus and Loren Means, along with multi-instrumentalist RandyLee Sutherland. The group plays live music while projecting their films, with Douglas on keyboards, Loren on electronic trombone and voice,and RandyLee on drums.

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Thursday August 24th

films by Ben Russell at


Blasting out of Chicago, experimental filmmaker Ben Russell makes
vibrant, 'tryppy' films as emotional as they are beautiful to sink
tour eyes into.  His BLACK AND WHITE TRYPPS subjects range from
elliptical trees in high contrast to a crowd at a Lightning Bolt show
to a Richard Pryor performance blown out visually. Russell will also
perform THE BLACK AND THE WHITE GODS, a 16mm double-projection live
performance involving film loops, mixer feedback, a delay pedal, and a
homemade light-sensitive synthesizer.

WARNING: This show contains visuals that may be harmful to those with epilepsy.

FEATURING: Black and White Trypps Number One (6:30, 16mm, 2005), Black
and White Trypps Number Two (9:00, 16mm, 2006), Black and White Trypps
Number Three (12:00, 16mm, 2007), Black and White Trypps Number Four
(11:00, 16mm, 2008), Trypps #5 (Dubai) (3:00, 16mm, 2008), The Red and
the Blue Gods (8:00, 16mm, 2005), The Black and the White Gods (20:00,
mixed formats, 2008)

TRT 70:00


16 Sherman St.
off Folsom between 6th and 7th
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Thursday August 14th

Thursday August 14th
2nd Annual Free For All Film Festival
curated by Zoe Blank

with film/video works by__

Claire Armstrong
Zoe Blank
Nelson Brazill
Kent Brown
Douglas Katelus
Daniel Kennedy
Joe McKay
Danny Plotnick
Michael Rudnick
Rock Ross
Robert Toy
Vanessa Woods
William Yarbrough

7:30 pm
New Nothing Cinema
16 Sherman St.
(off folsom between 6th and 7th)

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